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Aerial Excercises; "The Girl I Am"; Health Care Transformation; "The Science of the Sting"

It’s Thursday, February 27th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Air National Guard Aerial Exercises: Colonel Charles Anthony

Charles Anthony

Lt. Col. Charles J. Anthony is the Director of Public Affairs for Hawaii’s Department of Defense. He is assigned to the Headquarters of the Hawaii Air National Guard. Sentry Aloha runs from March 6th through 20th.

Intro Music: Holding on for Life by Broken Bells

Outro Music: Backyard Quiz Theme by Jon de Mello

New Song Video Project “The Girl I Am”: Laurie Rubin

Laurie Ruben

Laurie Rubin and Jenny Taira are a duo called Pureland and are co-founders of ‘’Ohana Arts," a performing arts festival and school for youth ages 8-18 that provides intensive training in acting, dance, and singing, as well as music composition and songwriting. Select students from ‘Ohana Arts are featured in the music video for PureLand's debut single, "The Girl I Am."

Intro Music: The Girl I  Am by PureLand

Outro Music: The Girl I Am by PureLand

SB2827 / HB2277, Health Care Transformation: Virginia Pressler

Virginia Pressler

Dr. Virginia Pressler is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Hawaii Pacific Health.  The senate bill to put the Office of Health Care Transformation into the State Health Planning and Development Agency and create the Health Care Transformation Special Fund is scheduled for decision making today.

Intro Music: Human – Tin Tin Out Mix by Pretenders

Outro Music: At Sea by Dorena

Science of the Sting: Dr. Angel Yanagihara

Angel Yanagihara

Dr. Angel Yanagihara of the John A. Burns School of Medicine and a colleague have come up with some exciting findings in their study of the box jellyfish – but they’re not just sharing it with learned colleagues; they’ve produced a video, aimed at middle school students, called Science of the Sting.   It’s an accessible way for kids to learn about what could be a breakthrough discovery.

Intro Sounds: Get It Girl by Hot Pink Delorean

Outro Music: Night Diving by Thrice

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