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Laniakea Barricade; "Auntie Martha and the Nene Goose"; Coral/Nitrogen Research; Kilauea Observatory

It’s Tuesday, January 7 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Laniakea Barricade Removal Lawsuit: Plaintiff Bill Martin

Bill Martin

Bill Martin is a business owner, longtime Sunset Beach resident and  a wheelchair-confined surfer who uses Laniakea Support Park. He’s also a Board member of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce and a part of the State Department of Transportation’s Kamehameha Highway Realignment Task Force that voted against the Laniakea barricade. And now, he’s one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit to get the barriers removed.

Intro Music: 11-4 Clave by Rhythm Summit

Outro Music: Barricade by Interpol

HTY “Nene Goose”: Director, Annie Wood Cusick

Annie Cusick Wood

Annie Wood Cusick is the director of "Auntie Martha and the Nene Goose", which opens Friday and continues for the next four Saturdays at Honolulu’s Tenney Theater.

Intro Music: ABCs/Ring Around the Rosie by Glee Junior (feat. cast of Mother Goose Rocks!)

Outro Music: Wild Goose by M. Ward

HURL Coral/Nitrogen Research: Tom Guilderson

Tom Guilderson

Dr. Tom Guilderson is a staff scientist at the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He’s also and also has an adjunct position in the Department of Ocean Sciences at the University of California – Santa Cruz.   His research focuses on revealing past climate variability and  he is part of the team  working in cooperation with the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory to document a long-term shift in Pacific Ocean nitrogen content they say is a result of climate change.

Intro Music: Nitrogen by Michael Brook

Outro Music: The Finish by The Barefoot Man

Kilauea Observatory: Tim Orr

Tim Orr

Tim Orr is a USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologist who will give a free “After Dark in the Park" talk tonight at 7 p.m. in the Kilauea Visitor Center in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park.

Intro Sounds: Kilauea by The Volcanoes

Outro Music: Observatory by Impactist

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