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Honolulu Budget Shortfall; Korean War Novel; Veterans' Readjustment; Hawaii Meth Project

It’s Monday, August 26 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Discussing Honolulu Budget: Ann Kobayashi

Ann Kobayashi

Budget Chair Ann Kobayashi represents District 5 on the Honolulu City Council. She and the Honolulu City Council will continue to grapple with the shortfall announced last week to the budget.

Brothers Under the Same Sky: Gary Pak

Gary Pak

Gary Pak is the author of “Brothers Under the Same Sky.”  He’ll be reading from the novel and talking about it in Honolulu on Wednesday at Box Jelly.

Supporting Veterans’ Readjustment from War: Dr. James Spira

James Spira

Dr. Jim Spira is Director of the National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Pacific Islands Division of the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The Center  conducts research to better understand the causes, prevention and care  of PTSD and related psychological war wounds.  On  Wednesday, center is sponsoring a workshop for Community Religious Leaders to help veterans in their congregations who are struggling with readjusting to civilian life. To learn more, call 566-1546.

Hawaii Meth Project: David Earles

David Earles

David Earles is the director of the Hawaii Meth Project. The call for entries just went out for the 2013 art contest with the message "Not Even Once.” The submission period begins next week for students ages 13 to 18,

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