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Maui Island Plan, 200 Years of HI Coffee, Coral Disease Update, Waikiki Aquarium Kelpers

It’s Wednesday, August 14 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Maui General Plan: Dick Mayer


Professor (Emeritus) Dick Mayer taught World Geography and Economics at Maui Community College for 34 years. In 1971, he was appointed to the Maui County Planning Commission. In 2006, Mayor Arakawa appointed Professor Mayer to the Maui Island General Plan Advisory Committee and he continues to serve as its vice-chair.

Celebrating 200 years of HI Coffee: David Gridley


David Gridley is a roaster and one of the founding members of the Maui Coffee Association, which is holding a bicentennial event Saturday at the University of Hawaii’s Maui campus.

Coral Disease Update: Greta Aeby


Greta Aeby is an assistant researcher at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. She’s been studying the global spread of montipora white disease and has documented its existence in Hawaii. Three years ago she released research showing the outbreak in Kaneohe Bay and last summer, in reefs off Maui. She has been working with Kauai biologist Terry Lilley to chronicle the disease killing corals in waters off the Garden Isle.

Waikiki Aquarium Kelpers: Andy Rossiter


Andy Rossiter is the Director of the Waikiki Aquarium, which is recruiting volunteers for this fall.

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