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DOE Mental Health Services, Ocean Debris, Overheating in the Classroom, Swing Dance on Maui

It’s Monday, August 5 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Clearing debris through the DOE for better mental health


Matthew Bassett is the Litigation Director for Hawaii Disability Rights Center, formally the Protection and Advocacy Agency of the State of Hawaii. He has history with the agency - he’s worked for it since 1997... and the focus of his practice continues to be special education.

Clearing ocean debris for better marine health 


Anela Choy is a U-H M?noa graduate student who is the lead author of a study of marine debris that was recently published in the scientific journal Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Clearing the air over sweat box classrooms


Corey Rosenlee is a 15-year nationally certified social studies teacher from Campbell High School. He is one of the organizers of the "Hawaii Teachers Work to the Rules" Movement. And although today is a little cooler, as soon as the temperature rises, he and his students will compete with the heat to teach and learn.

Clearing the floor with Maui swing dancing


Mark Hammer is the president emeritus of Swing Maui, which offers classes in East Coast, West Coast, Lindy Hop, Blues, Charleston, Balboa, among other styles.  

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