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Hospital Billing Disparities, Peace on Earth Concert, Kaka'ako Developemnent, Mead on Kauai

It’s Thursday, May 30 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Patient presents with classic, contagious invoice-itis


George Greene is President and CEO of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii and represents the continuum of care in our state, from providers to hospitals. He is the former Region 9 Director of the American Hospital Association in advocacy and membership relations with hospital executives in Hawaii, California, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and Nevada.

Visualize world...music


Keith Haugen and his wife Carmen are the producers, and two of the performers, at the seventh annual Peace on Earth Concert, June 7th at the Hawaii Theater in downtown Honolulu.

Our Kaka’ako or yours?


State House majority leader Scott Saiki represents district 26. He and other lawmakers are inviting members of the Kakaako community to a meeting tonight at 5 at the Capitol. When he's not in session, he practices law at Galiher, DeRobertis and Ono.

Wining for your honey: Mother Mead comes to Kauai


Stephanie Krieger is the owner of Nani Moon meadery in Kapa’a, Kaua’i.

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