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Haole in HI, Iona Dance Theatre, Sex Trafficking, Book: "The Life of Objects"

It’s Wednesday, May 15 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

From beach to breach: An ex-teacher graduates law school to change public policy


Zach DiIonno is a former special education teacher. He came to Hawaii through Teach for America and worked for three years at Ilima Middle School in Ewa Beach. When he lost his job, he went to law school to study education policy. He graduated from the William S. Richardson School of Law last weekend and is quite happy to be haole in Hawaii.

Dance to this: Iona in the Tarot patch


Cheryl Flaharty is the artistic director of Iona Contemporary Dance Theatre. Its E-Season kicks off online this month with the Living Tarot.

An Emancipation Proclamation to take on 21st century slavery


Kathryn Xian is the Executive Director of the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery. Since 1999, she has been raising awareness of the trafficking of women and children for sex. In 2011, she successfully advocated for the introduction and passage of Hawaii's first labor-trafficking state law.  The 2013 session was her coalition's most successful to date and already she's at work on bills for next year.

An object lesson on “The Life of Objects”


Susanna Moore was born and raised in Hawaii; she’s the author of “The Life of Objects;” she’ll be speaking at this weekend’s Book and Music festival.

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