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Classical Pacific, Friday, March 2, 2018: Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

To frame the program today I've decided to use a process favored by some twentieth- and twenty-first century composers - adding the element of chance. I've selected works at random from the HPR library and I'm going to choose which pieces and in what order I play them by chance, with one caveat - as I reach the end of each hour, I need to choose a work that can finish before I get to the station ID and news. To that end, I have a separate pile of CDs with short tracks. So yes, it's kind of a math problem! There will still be a playlist posted online - I'll just have to add each piece as I go. I've pulled the CDs, so I know that you MAY hear music by some of these composers - Korngold, Kern, Harrison, Bach, Myaskovsky, Porter, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Schubert, Gershwin, Barber, Satie - and more.  Join me!

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Magical Maestros: During the Spring Fund Drive, we'll be featuring the top ten listener picks for best conductor. Get involved by voting for your top three conductors (click here) from now through March 11th. When the fund drive happens, you'll find out if your conductors made the list. 

Upcoming Concerts: 

Atherton Performing Arts Studio, HPR: Eat the Sun, Sunday, March 4th, 4-6pm. Exciting new music improvised by Gretchen Jude - koto, Jason Hoopes - bass, and  Noah Phillips - guitar. For more information and tickets, click here (http://hawaiipublicradio.org/post/atherton-season-winter-2017-2018

Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra: Rhapsody in Blue; Victor Yampolsky, Conductor; Sara Davis Buechner, Piano. Works by Barber, Gershwin and Mendelssohn. Sunday,  March 11, 4pm, Blaisdell Concert Hall

Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra: Russian Dances; Laura Jackson, Conductor; Esther Yoo, Violin. Works by Tchaikovsky, Glazunov and Stravinsky. Saturday, March 17, 7:30pm and Sunday, March 18, 4pm, Blaisdell Concert Hall.

Set List:

Louise Keali‘iloma King Lanzilotti comes from a multi-ethnic background that has informed many of her beliefs. Her experience covers artistic, educational and administrative areas of the arts. Lanzilotti taught for over twenty years in public, private and alternative schools K – 12, developing a method of writing music and plays with students, which solidified her understanding of the importance of arts engagement for all.
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