Aisha Kadomatsu

Host, Bridging the Gap

Aisha was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. She developed an ear for music at a young age, listening to her parents' playlist of Japanese and Western tunes. She also started to play the violin at age nine.


In 2014, Aisha attended the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, where she continued to pursue music, playing in various orchestras and ensembles. She also joined KTUH, UH Mānoa’s college radio station, where she hosted a morning music show featuring a blend of jazz, folk, indie rock, rare groove soul, and more.


Now, the co-host of Bridging the Gap on Thursday nights, Aisha shares a diverse collection of songs in hopes to widen music appreciation for all listeners.

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A variety of post punk, new wave, synth pop, and art pop on Bridging the Gap to finish the week off on a high note. Featuring artists such as Molchat Doma, Kraftwerk (pictured), Joy Division, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and more. It's almost the weekend, you got this!


This week, the Bridging the Gap gang is playing all vinyl! I brought some soul, funk, and jazz records from my personal collection to share on the air with you tonight. 

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Neo-soul, R&B, and instrumental beat heavy, with a touch of jazz and hip hop...

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Sharing a collection of songs to play for your plants in celebration of Earth Day. Also good for humans, pets, and loved ones.

Genki Kadomatsu

Music that is easy on the ears to help you mellow out after a long day. Primarily indie rock with hints of jazz, world, and soul. 

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Zoé Landron/Samuel Fournier

A fresh set of feel-good and mellow indie sounds to bring us into the warm spring weather. Featuring newly released music from Real Estate, Big Thief, Xiu Xiu, Alicia Clara (pictured), L'impératrice, and more. 

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Happy April, folks! Tonight's show is full of rare groove soul cuts, most which have been re-released over the past couple of years. A great listening experience to satisfy your soul.

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Starting the show with a song entitled "Colouour" by Moses Sumney (pictured), and we will see where the rest of the night takes us. An assortment of mellow beats, celestial voices, and ambient sounds tonight on Bridging the Gap.

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Paige Okamura and I switched spots this week! Selecting songs on the fly tonight and featuring genres such as soul, r&b, funk, jazz, and more. 

You can listen to Paige's show this week Thursday at 10pm on HPR1.


Some psychedelic rock with hints of the blues to get you through the rainy night...

Tsutomu "Ben" Nishizawa

BBE Records recently released J Jazz Volume 3: Deep Modern Jazz from Japan. It's an excellent compilation featuring rare recordings from the height of Japan's jazz era, from the 1960s to the 1980s. Tonight, we will hear some tracks off this release, and from other well-respected Japanese jazz musicians... some from my personal record collection.

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, we will be featuring songs from some of my favorite singer-songwriters. Also weaving in some indie folk and indie rock. 

Lauren Brevner

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, we will be starting off with a blend of neo-soul and beat-driven music. We will also introduce more experimental sounds as the show goes on. A perfect playlist for winding down after a long day... Or if you're a night owl, a great way to get the day started.

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Tonight on Bridging the Gap, we'll be featuring songs about love.. just in time for Valentine's Day!

Grace Fung
Grace Fung

Tonight we're going to meet Aisha Kadomatsu, the new host of Bridging the Gap. She'll be taking over Thursday nights, and selecting an eclectic blend of mellow and psychedelic Jazz, Soul and Groove.