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Classical Pacific, Tuesday, February 27, 2018: Sounds of the Baroque

For the next three days, I decided to play music from a single period each day, featuring composers of lesser and greater current recognition. Today, I'm focusing on the Baroque and works of Telemann, Corelli, Vivaldi, Rameau, Handel, Tartini, and Couperin. I'll also be playing two works by JS Bach next to new works inspired by those works. Tomorrow, I'll focus on the Classical period, and Thursday on the Romantic period. 

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Magical Maestros: During the Spring Fund Drive, we'll be featuring the top ten listener picks for best conductor. Get involved by voting for your top three conductors (click here) from now through March 11th. When the fund drive happens, you'll find out if your conductors made the list. 

Set List:

Louise Keali‘iloma King Lanzilotti comes from a multi-ethnic background that has informed many of her beliefs. Her experience covers artistic, educational and administrative areas of the arts. Lanzilotti taught for over twenty years in public, private and alternative schools K – 12, developing a method of writing music and plays with students, which solidified her understanding of the importance of arts engagement for all.
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