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Burt Lum
Bytemarks Café
Wednesdays at 6:30pm on HPR-1

Bytemarks Cafe is a half-hour radio magazine that showcases the innovation and creativity in Hawaii's tech community. Hosted by Burt Lum, the program's purpose is to raise awareness of the tech economy and to engage the listener in the discussion. Bytemarks Cafe will leverage the Internet and social media technologies to extend the conversation well beyond the 30-minute time slot with the intent of building and nurturing this vibrant and vital community in Hawaii.

  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we'll get a behind the scenes insight into the development of the SMART Health Card. We'll also learn about the Commons Project and why Hawaii and many other states have adopted this platform as the backend verifier.
  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we'll catch up with EV charging company Volta and find out what it was like to issue an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. With so few Hawaii companies getting listed on Wall Strett, we'll find out about Volta's pathway to initial public offering and what this means for the future.
  • Today On Bytemarks Cafe, we'll catch up with Iolani School's data driven process called Aina Informatics. As a recent GEER funding recipient, we'll find out how Iolani is taking this place-based curriculum and building a community of practice with other schools.
  • The continuation of the Coronavirus pandemic hasn't stopped Blue Startups from convening the next cohort of companies. We'll talk to a couple of the companies in Cohort 13, learn what business they are starting and how they're adjusting to the virtual mentoring and on-line coaching.
  • Today we'll find out about the US Department of Education, Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund. We'll learn how a couple of GEER program recipients in Hawaii created projects to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on students and families.
  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we'll find out the latest in virtual reality or VR and find out if during the pandemic it's gained any traction. We'll also learn about the Metaverse, a term coined in Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel Snow Crash, and find out how Mark Zuckerberg sees it as Facebook's future.
  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll catch up with local tech company Oceanit to learn about a dual use innovation called the Honu Cooling Pack. We’ll find out how a Department of Defense use case turned into a commercial venture to create a jacket that keeps you cool.
  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll catch up with Hawaii Pacific University to find out the latest in their esports program. On the heels of the recent Overwatch Tournament held in Hawaii, we’ll find out what opportunities Hawaii can take advantage of being located between Asia and the US.
  • In spite of the pandemic, development of artificial intelligence systems globally has not slowed. Today, we'll explore how one East West Center scholar resolves to forge a new ethical relationship with artificial intelligence in his book Buddhism and Intelligent Technology.
  • Today on Bytemarks Cafe, find out how the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs has progressed to the second cohort in cryptocurrency. We’ll learn about the Digital Currency Sandbox and find out what new innovations are being prototyped in this second group of companies.