Early Muse,The

Saturdays at 6 PM on HPR-2
  • Hosted by Ian Capps

There is a wonderful richness and variety in Western music before the year 1700. The Early Muse is a weekly one-hour program conceived by HPR's Director of Operations Charles Husson and music volunteer Ian Capps, author and host of the program. Its aim is to bring to life for listeners the 500 formative years of European music from Medieval chant and troubadour songs, through the rich polyphony of Renaissance sacred and secular music, and into the Baroque 'revolution' of the 17th century with its invention of the opera, oratorio, ballet and orchestral music as we know it today.

Each program has a theme: the life and work of an individual composer or 'school'; the development of different instruments and musical genres, such as opera, the ballet or the mass; music for special occasions, such as Christmas and Columbus Day; or just music of love, war and nature.

"I've chosen 1700 as a cut-off date largely because music from the 18th century onwards is already broadcast far more often," says Ian. "Bach, Handel and Vivaldi are heard almost every day, and are also great favorites of mine, but many of their most talented predecessors are lost in the mists of time."

The last 50 years have witnessed a glorious revival of this music through research, live performance and, of course, recording. Research in monasteries and ancient libraries has been particularly important for music of the Renaissance and earlier, since music publishing was not widely established until the late 16th century.

About the Host:
Ian Capps is host and author of The Early Muse, a weekly program of Hawai'i Public Radio which explores the development of Western music over the 500 years from the 12th to the 17th centuries. He has been an active volunteer in HPR's Music Department since coming to the Islands in 2002, initially helping to catalog the huge CD and Vinyl library on line and latterly joining in the semi-annual pledge drives as a co-host and guest.

"The world of music to the year 1700 is an inexhaustible treasure house," says Ian. "I was weaned on Byrd and Tallis, growing up in the so-called 'cathedral tradition' of English vocal performance. And I've been a devotee of all things early music ever since - from Medieval to Renaissance, and on to the glories of the 17th century Baroque 'revolution'. It feels wonderful to have lived through the revival of our early Western musical heritage. Today thousands of recordings and hundreds of artists preserve it all for broadcast on the radio."

Born and raised in London, Ian graduated from Oxford University and worked as an editor and executive for Reuters and other global news organizations, living and working in many different countries over nearly 40 years. He retired in 2001 after 9 years as President and CEO of the New York based PR Newswire. He and his wife, Jeannette, a native of Hawai'i, met while singing Renaissance music in New York and now sing with the Honolulu Symphony Chorus.

"As an amateur singer, I have been lucky enough to work with outstanding groups in major cities around the world and with many individuals who have moved on to successful musical careers," adds Ian. "Early on in my travels I discovered that music, as a universal language, is a great introduction to a new society. And that the voice is the easiest instrument to take with you wherever you go."

Juan Arañes: La vida bona - Hesperion

Santiago de Múrcia: Fandango - Paul O'Dette, Andrew Lawrence-King & friends

Mateo Flecha: Ensalada "La Bomba" - The King's Singers

Sebastián de Aguirre: Canários a la Cran & Tocotin - Los Otros

Rafael Castellanos: St. Peter's Chair - El Mundo

Melchor de Torres y Portugal: Un juguetico de fuego - Montserrat Figueras/Hesperion

Anon: Cachua - Hesperion

Juan de Encina: Oy comamos y bebamos - The Baltimore Consort

Sixt Dietrich: Aus tiefer Not - Musica Antiqua Wien

Johann Walter: Wach auf du deutsches Land - MA Wien

Caspar Othmayer: Per quem (epitaph for Luther) - Vienna Motet Choir

Arnold von Bruck: Mittten wir in Leben sind - MA Wien

Martin Luther/Osiander: Christum wir wollen loben schon - Gabrieli Consort & Players

Ludwig Senfl: Missa Nisi Dominus aedificaverit - Kyrie, Gloria & Agnus Dei -

Ensemble Officium

Martin Luther/Samuel Scheidt: The German Credo - Gabrieli Consort & Players

Martin Codax: Ay ondas & Yrmana fremosa - Vivien Ellis/Dufay Collective

Comtesse de Dia: A chanter me'er - Martin Best Medieval Ensemble

Gillebert de Berneville: Au Noviau Temps - Sarah Barnes/La Rota

Anon: Estampie "folloi" - La Rota

Conon de Bethune: Ahi, amours - Nigel Rogers

Jean de l'Escurel: Amour merciz & J'ai désir - Ensemble de Caelis

Chrétien de Troyes, Conon & Thibaud de Champagne: D'Amors, Si raige

   & Poinne d'amour - Diabolus in Musica

Anon: 2 Fantasias, Pavan & Galliard for viols - Fretwork

Phillip van Wilder: Fantasia con e senza pause - Fretwork

Henry VIII: Three Recorder Consorts - Ens. Dreiklang Berlin

Henry VIII: Tandernaken - Folger Consort

Anon: Pastyme with good company - Ens. Dreiklang & Alamire (London)

Henry VIII: Adieu Madame - Alamire (London)

Anon: Madame d'Amours - Musica Antiqua London

Anon: England be Glad -  Alamire (US)

William Cornysh: Ah Robin - Tallis Scholars

Robert Fayrfax: Lusty May & This day dawns - Hilliard Ensemble

Robert Fayrfax: Ave Dei Filia - The Cardinall's Musick

John Taverner: Dum transisset Sabbatum - The Tallis Scholars

William Cornysh: Woefully arrayed - Stile Antico

John Sheppard: The Lord's Prayer - Choir of Christ Church Cathedral

John Sheppard: In manus tuas, Domine - The Sixteen

Sampson: Psallite felices - Alamire

plus: "In Nomine" for viols by Taverner, Tallis and Tye

Anon (Spain): La rosa enfloresce - Boston Camerata

Anon (Saloniki): La princessa y el caballero - Constantinople

Anon (Smyrna): Por alli paso un caballero - Constantinople

Anon (Berber): Danza del viento - Hesperion

Anon (Spain): Nostalgia de Jerusalén - Alia Musica

Anon (Italy): Cados & Calchibi - Sarband

Anon (Turkey): El Rey Nimrod - Boston Camerata

Anon (Turkey): Pishrow - Constantinople

Anon (Spain): Porque llorax blanca niña? - Montserrat Figueras/Hesperion

Jean-Baptiste Lully: "Grand Motet" O lachrimae fideles - Le Concert Spirituel

Henri Frémart: Fantaisie for organ - Timothy Roberts

Jean-Baptiste Lully: "Petit Motet" Laudate pueri - Les Arts Florissants

Henri Dumont: Allemande for consort of viols - Ensemble Correspondance

Jean-Baptiste Lully: "Petit Motet" Omnes gentes - Les Arts Florissants

Guillaume Nivers: Prélude - Frédéric Desenclos, organ

Jean-Baptiste Lully: "Grand Motet" Plaude laetare Gallia - Le Concert Spirituel

Alexander Agricola:

Polyphonic song: Fortuna Desperata - Huelgas Ensemble

Consort of Viols: Fors seulement & Tandernaken - Fretwork

Motet: Gaudeamus omnes in Domino - Huelgas Ensemble

Consort of Recorders: Comme femme desconfortée - Ciaramella

Song of Songs: Tota pulchra es/Belle sur toutes - Capilla Flamenca

Missa "In myne Zyn": Sanctus & Agnus Dei - Capilla Flamenca

Various: Introduction to the Masque of Oberon - Musicians of The Globe

Anthony Holborne: The Honiesuckle & Paradizo - Capiccio Stravagante

Robert Johnson: 3 Masque Dances for 12 lutes - Paul O'Dette & Friends

Johnson & Alfonso Ferrabosco: Airs from Oberon: Musicians of the Globe

Daniel Purcell: The Masque of Hymen - The Scholars Baroque Ensemble

Giovanni Coprario: The Masque of Squires - Ensemble Celadon

Various: Finale to the Masque of Oberon - Musicians of the Globe

The Early Muse - 25 December 2016 (Christmas in Naples)

Dec 25, 2016

Diego Ortiz: Benedicta es coelorum - Cantar Lontano

Andrea Falconieri: La Benedetta - Massimo Lonardi/Mateo Mela/Lorenzo Michele

Alessandro Scarlatti: Beata Mater - Festina Lente

Cristóforo Caresana: La Tarantella - Cappella della Pietâ dei Turchini

Bernado Storace: Passacaglia - Cappella dei Turchini

Cristóforo Caresana: La Pastorale - Cappella dei Turchini

Arcangelo Corelli:

Concertino for 7 instruments - Accademia Bizantina

Sonata da Chiesa #4 in A minor - London Baroque

Violin Sonata #5 in G minor - Lucy van Dael/Bob van Asperen

Variations on La Follia - Franz Bruggen, recorder

Trumpet Sonata in D major - Niklas Eklund/Wasa Baroque Ensemble

Concerto Grosso #8, for Christmas Eve - I Solisti Veneti

Pietro Castrucci: Ciaccona - Alexander Woods, Ezra Selzer, Avi Stein

Francisco de Peñalosa: Sancta Mater - Ministriles de Marsías

Cristóbal de Morales: Ave Regina Coelorum - Orchestra of the Renaissance

Francisco Guerrero: Dulcissima Regina - Orchestra of the Renaissance

Orlande de Lassus: Advent Magnificat "O vezzosa aurora" - Choir of St. John's

   College, Cambridge and His Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts

Giovanni Gabrieli: Sonata for 3 violins - The Taverner Consort

Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon on the 9th tone - The Gabrieli Players

Giovanni Gabrieli: "Quem vidistis, Pastores?" & "Audite Principes" -

Henry Purcell:

Sonata #6 in C minor - Chatham Baroque

Two upon a Ground - Charivari Agréable

Suite #4 for Harpsichord - Martin Souter

Cantata: "If ever I more riches did desire" - Aradia Baroque Ensemble

Trumpet Sonata - Norman Engel/Aradia Baroque Ensemble

In Nomine for consort of viols - Concentus Musicus Wien

Fantasia for viols - Yukimi Kambe Consort

Third Tune from The Fairy Queen - Ensemble Galilei

The Early Muse - 27 November 2016 (Advent in Germany)

Nov 27, 2016

Hieronymus Praetorius: Angelus ad pastores ait - Church of the Advent, Boston

Hieronymus Praetorius: Missa Angelus ad pastores - Church of the Advent, Boston

Dietrich Buxtehude: Nun Komm der Heide Heiland - Nicholas Danby (organ)

Dietrich Buxtehude: Kommst du, Licht der Heiden - Vokalensemble Rastatt

Dietrich Buxtehude: Ihr lieben Christen - Vokalensemble Rastatt

Alessandro Scarlatti: Cecilian Vespers - Philharmonia Chorale & Baroque Orchestra

- Magnificat

- Antiphons: Cecilia Famula, Cantantibus organis,Valerianus in cubiculo

- Gradual: Audi Filia

The Early Muse - 13 November 2016 (The Glory of Battle)

Nov 13, 2016

Claudio Monteverdi: Ogni amante e guerrier - Tragicomedia

John Dowland: Battel Galliard - Paul O'Dette

Francisco Guerrero: Missa La Battalia - The Sixteen

Andreas Schmelzer: Victori der Christen - Romanesca

The Early Muse - 6 November 2016 (Baltic Strains)

Nov 6, 2016

Johan Meder: La Battaglia - Musica Antiqua Köln

Paul Lütkeman: Fantasia - Musica Antiqua Köln

Thomas Mancinus: Cantio Nova - Hilliard Ensemble

Johann Fischer: Chorale Herzlich tut - Musica Antiqua Köln

Anon: Estonian folk hymn O Adam/Veni creator spiritus - Heinevanker

Dietrich Becker: Sonata in A - Stylus Phantasticus

Nikolaus Hasse: Suite for 2 violins - Musica Antiqua Köln

Johann Kühnel: Sonatina in Echo - Les Voix Humaines

Antoine Brumel: O Crux, Ave - The Hilliard Ensemble

Brumel: Lamentations of Jeremiah - The Tallis Scholars

Brumel: Tous les regrets - Capilla Flamenca

Pierre Delarue: Doleo super te - Capilla Flamenca

Anon: Dulces Exuviae - Capilla Flamenca

Brumel: Requiem Mass - The Clerks' Group

Leonhard Lechner: Das erst und ander Kapitel - Athesinus Consort Berlin

Lechner: Danket dem Herrn - Athesinus Consort Berlin

Hans Leo Hassler: Domine Deus Israel - Ensemble Vocale Européen

Hassler: Two Ricercars for organ - Stephen Taylor

Hassler: Exultate Deo & O Mensch bewein dein Sünder gross - Currende

Christophorus Demantius: Lass mich O Christ - Huelgas Ensemble

Demantius: Magnificat - Huelgas Ensemble

The Early Muse - 16 October 2016 (The King's Chamber)

Oct 16, 2016

Jean-Baptiste Lully: Trio pour le coucher du Roi - Chatham Baroque

Anthoine Boesset: Je meurs sans mourir - Le Poème Harmonique

Estienne Moulinié: Paisible et tenebreuse nuit - Emma Kirkby/Jacob Lindberg

François Couperin: Huitième Concert Royal - Tina Chancey and Friends

Michel Lambert: Sombres déserts & Vos mépris chaque jour - René Jacobs

André Philidor: Suite Pastorale - Chatham Baroque

G.F. Handel: Lascia la Spina (Trionfo del Tempo) - Julia Lezhneva/Il Giardino Armonico

Alessandro Scarlatti: Overture to oratorio San Filippo Neri - Academia Bizantina

Scarlatti: Excerpts from L'Humanitá e Lucifero - Gloria Bandinelli

Handel: Dixit Dominus (excerpts) - Stockholm Bach Choir

Handel: Sinfonia from opera Agrippina -Il Giardino Armonico

Handel: Pensieri, voi mi tormentate from Agrippina - Julia Lezhneva

Luis de Narvaez: Guarda-me las vacas: Christopher Wilson, vihuela

Antono de Cabezón: Diferencias on La Dama le Demanda - Jordi Savall (gamba)

    & Skip Sempé, harpsichord

Cabezón: Variations on Ave maris stella - Alistair Ross, organ

Maxine Eilander: Improvisations on La Folia - Maxine Eilander, harp

Giovanni Terzi/Diego Ortiz: Divisions on Suzanne un jour -

   Rolf Lislevand & Trio Medieval

Ortiz: Paradetas - Andrew Lawrence-King

John Jenkins: Divisions in C Major - The Rose Ensemble

The Early Muse - 18 September 2016 (Jacob Obrecht)

Sep 18, 2016

Jacob Obrecht:

Mass: Missa de Sancto Donatiano - Cappella Pratensis

Chanson-Instrumental: Fors seulement - Fretwork, a consort of viols

Motets: Beata es Maria & Salve Regina - Pro Cantione Antiqua

Anthony Holborne: Paradizo/Honiesuckle

John Dowland: Now, oh now I needs must part

Thomas Morley: The Frog Galliard

Jean-Baptiste Lully: Divertissement pour le Roi

Louis Couperin: Prelude in C - Skip Sempé, harpsichord

Michel Lambert: Vos mépris chaque jour - Guillemette Laurens, soprano

Antonio de Cabezón:Divisions on Je prens en gré - Skip Sempé, harpsichord

Alfonso Mudarra: Guarda-me las vacas

Anon: Ay luna que reluces - Guillemette Laurens

Samuel Scheidt/Michael Praetorius: Three German dances

Marc-Antoine Charpentier:

Oratorio Canticum Zachariae - Le Concert Sprituel

Motet: Salve Regina for 3 choirs - Ex Cathedra

Le Reniement de St. Pierre - Ensemble Européen William Byrd

Excerpts from Medée (Acts 3 & 5) - Lorraine Hunt/Les Arts Florissants

Giacomo Carissimi: Lamentations (introit) - Maria Cristina Kiehr/Concerto Soave

Carissimi: Motet "Ardens est cor nostrum" - Le Institutioni Harmoniche

Anon: L'Homme Armé - The Tallis Scholars

Carissimi: Missa L'Homme Armé, Kyrie/Gloria - I Madrigalisti Ambrosiani

Stefano Landi: Canzona detta "La Pozza" - L'Arpeggiata

Carissimi: Cantata "Dai piú riposti abissi" - Garrick Comeau/Consortium Carissimi

Carissimi: Oratorio "De Tempore Interfecto Sisare" - Monika Mauch/La Capella Ducale

Claudio Monteverdi: Zefiro torna - Magdalena Kožená/Anna Prohaska/La Cetra

Biagio Marini: Sonata #7 - The Purcell Quartet

Monteverdi: Lamento della Ninfa - Magdalena Kožená/La Cetra

Salamone Rossi: Sonata sopra Ruggiero - The Purcell Quartet

Monteverdi: Lasciate-mi morire (Ariadne's Lament) - The Consort of Musicke

Dario Castello: Sonata #6 - The Purcell Quartet/Trombonist (anon)

Monteverdi: Addio Roma (from L'Incoronazione di Poppea) Magdalena Kožená/La Cetra

Monteverdi: Con che soavitá? - Magdalena Kožená/La Cetra

Francisco Hernandez: Sancta Maria Ilhuicac - Ex Cathedra

Rafael Castellanos: Oygan una xacarilla - Rosa Lamoreaux/Hesperus

Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla: Salve Regina - The Sixteen

Francisco Lopez Capillas: Dic nobis Maria - Westminster Cathedral Choir

Francisco de Santiago: Ay como flecha la niña - Rosa Lamoreaux/Mark Cudek, guitar

Melchor de Torres y Portugal: Juguetico de fuego - Montserrat Figueras/Hesperion 20

Anon (Peru): Oy nuestra Reyna & Muy Hermosa es Maria - Ensemble Villancico

Juan de Araujo: Silencio - Ensemble Elyma

Capriccio Stravagente Orchestra unless otherwise specified:

Anthony Holborne: Paradizo/Honiesuckle

John Dowland: Now, oh now I needs must part

Thomas Morley: The Frog Galliard

Jean-Baptiste Lully: Divertissement pour le Roi

Louis Couperin: Prelude in C - Skip Sempé, harpsichord

Michel Lambert: Vos mépris chaque jour - Guillemette Laurens, soprano

Antonio de Cabezón: Divisions on Je prens en gré - Skip Sempé, harpsichord

Alfonso Mudarra: Guarda-me las vacas

Anon: Ay luna que reluces - Guillemette Laurens, soprano

Gaspar Fernandes: Viva Ignatio! & Xicochi - Ex Cathedra

Juan de Araujo: Cayóso-le al alba - Florilegium

Domenico Zipoli: Gloria from Mass of St. Ignatius - Ensemble Elyma

Tomás de Torrejon y Velasco: Este sol peregrino - Boston Camerata

Domenico Zipoli: Mission Opera 'St. Ignatius of Loyola' - Ensemble Abendmusik