The Conversation: Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

May 25, 2016

Proposed Moratorium on Fishing in North Kona; Na Hōkū Nominee Joni Llamedo; Shark Behavior in Maui; Competitive High School Equestrian

Researchers from the Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology tag a shark for further study
Credit Carl Meyer

Proposed Ka’upulehu Marine Reserve: Aunty Hannah Springer

A map of the area covered under the proposed moratorium
Credit Hannah Springer

  Sustainability is a core value of Hawaiian culture, a centuries-old adaptation to an environment where resources are abundant -- but finite. Hannah Springer grew up in the Ka`upulehu ahupua’a on North Kona, and has watched its offshore marine resources decline to critical levels. She is a member of the Ka`upulehu Marine Life Advisory Committee, which is asking the Department of Land and Natural Resources for a ten-year moratorium on fishing at Ka’ūpūlehu. The group’s motto is “Try Wait,” and Aunty Hannah is on the line with us now.

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Na Hoku Nominee in R&B: Joni Llamedo

Joni Llamedo
Credit Joni Llamedo

High school is such a formative time in life, and for many, it’s when they develop their lifelong dreams of making it big in their career. For Na Hoku Nominee for R&B Joni Llamedo, it all came true, and the 2006 St. Francis high school graduate is playing a special concert for the nuns that helped her reach for the stars, in thanks for helping her catch one or two so far in her musical career. She’s with us in the studio to share her story of success with her latest album “Years in the Breaking”

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Shark Behavior in Maui Study: Carl Meyer

Carl Meyer attaches a tracking beacon to the dorsal fin of a shark
Credit Carl Meyer

The risk of being bitten by a shark in Hawaii’s offshore waters is low, but it’s significantly higher on Maui -- a pattern that was of special interest to scientists at the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Marine Biology. They set out to find out why -- and what they learned is a significant advance in our still-murky understanding of their behavior.

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Competitive High School Equestrian: Paris Starn

Paris Starn
Credit Paris Starn

Horses occupy La Pietra 11th grader Paris Starn's life. She rides seven days a week, leaving the La Pietra campus on Diamond Head directly for the stables at Maunawili Farm. She also mucks her own stalls, grooms, washes and feeds her horses seven days a week. It’s a deal she made with her father, if she got her horses, La Beau and Ricochet, she had to take care of them. After finishing the school year, she’s headed to Kamuela for the Hawaii State High School Rodeo Competition, home of Parker Ranch is the largest cattle ranch in the US, and the perfect place for a rodeo and it’s not her first.

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