The Conversation: Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

May 24, 2016

Startup Culture in Hawaii; Il Trovatore at HOT; DOE Strategic Plan; Composting with Worms

Honolua Bay, Maui
Credit Flickr - Edmund Garman

State of the Startup Investment Industry in Hawaii: Meli James

Meli James
Credit Meli James

Startup businesses need venture capital, and venture capitalists need them. A successful startup can make a fortune for all concerned, if the core idea is a winner, if the rollout is successful if sufficient capital is available... and a dozen other IFs. Hawaii-based startups can be an attractive proposition for venture capitalists, with their unique access to East and West, and Meli James, President of the Hawaii Venture Capital Association, has some ideas about their prospects. She’s with us this morning.

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Verdi’s Il Trovatore at Hawaii Opera Theatre: Simon Crookall

Il Travatore at HOT
Credit Simon Crookal

Il Trovatore, the troubadour, is a master work by Verdi that was performed over 300 times in the first three years after it’s debut, back in 1853. There is a love triangle, infanticide, mistaken identity, and as much family drama as any soap opera today. Simon Crookall, General Director of Hawaii Opera Theatre is in the studio, here to share the relevance of this musical theatre, alive and well even after hundreds of years.

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DOE/BOE Joint Strategic Plan: Alex Harris

The Department of Education and the Board of Education are servants of the community, and in that capacity, are asking everyone: students, teachers, and their parents, to weigh in on their strategic plan for the next three years. The online survey is an opportunity to chart a course specific to education in our islands, taking advantage of newly relaxed federal guidelines. Alex Harris, Senior Program Officer for Education at the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, has details. 

Everyone can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #HIQualityED.

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Worm Composting with Master Gardener: Phyllis Fong

Credit Flickr - John Lodder

Want to help your plants thrive naturally while also helping save the planet? Just when you thought no one would be able to make use of left over table scraps, worms come to the rescue. Yes, the tiny little worm, can help to create “black gold”, nutrient rich compost that can recycle our discarded food and provide the most all natural source of food for our gardens. Phyllis Fong is in the studio to tell us more about why we all might want to consider vermicomposting to help our outdoor environment.

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