The Conversation: Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Mar 13, 2018

Diplomatic Thaw on the Korean Peninsula; 17 Minutes/17 Lives; New Animal Quarantine Rules

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Diplomatic Thaw on the Korean Peninsula: Ret. Lt. Gen. Dan Leaf

A Presidential Summit with the leaders of the United States and North Korea has been initiated. We’ll talk with Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Dan Leaf about what the meeting could look like for the U.S. North Korea relationship.

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17 Minutes/17 Lives: Imiloa Borland & Franchesca Aguilar

Students from both private and public schools around Hawaii are planning to walk out

for 17 minutes tomorrow. It’s to honor the memory of 14 students and 3 adults killed in a mass shooting at a Florida High School. They are calling it the National School Walkout for Safety.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Hundreds of federal employees, but positions created by government, will be out of jobs under a bill being quietly pushed through by Donovan Dela Cruz.

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New Animal Quarantine Rules: Raquel Wong

For decades, Hawaii had some of the strictest animal quarantine rules in place, in an effort to keep the islands rabies-free. However, the rules are relaxing with restrictions being front-loaded avoiding months of quarantine. State Veterinarian Dr. Raquel Wong explains what’s being proposed.

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