The Conversation: Opening Day at the 2020 Hawaii State Legislature

Jan 15, 2020

Opening day at the Hawaii State Legislature; Striking findings from Pew Research Center's 2019 studies; Recycling challenges on Maui; Bringing wasted down to zero

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Opening day at the 2020 Hawaii State Legislature

As the Hawaii State Legislature opens for the year, we talk with HPR reporter Ryan Finnerty about what to expect this year. A joint press conference showed that the both houses of the Lege, the executive branch and the business community look to roll out big initiatives on public childcare,  affordable housing, minimum wage and more.

Contributor Neal Milner
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The Long View with Neal Milner: Surprising statistics from the Pew Research Center

Every year, the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C. releases hundreds of reports, essays, blog posts and more based on their studies across a variety of topics. Neal and host Bill Dorman discuss three main categories: changing demographics, polarization, and media consumption.

Hawaii Materials Recycling in Kihei
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Trashing the Islands: Recyling on Maui

In our continuing series on trash and waste on the island, we look at the flip side: recycling and reuse. Today focuses on the Valley Isle and how two organizations are creating operations that can be replicated. HPR Reporter Casey Harlow talks to Hawaii Materials Recycling, which repurposes construction material, and Maui Huliau Foundation, which educates people on how to divert materials out of the landfill.

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Hawaii Going Zero Waste?

HPR covered trash in the Islands back in 2015. We circled back and unfortunately some things haven't changed. But there's a movement towards zero waste. Living on a chain of islands, the waste generated never really goes away, so what can we do? HPR reporter Noe Tanigawa tells us about this change in mentality.