The Conversation: Monday, January 16th, 2017

Jan 16, 2017

Contrarian View on Drug Use; Fostering Innovation in Education; How to Be a Hollywood Stuntman

Stunt fighting combined with pyrotechnic effects on the set of "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" show.
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Contrarian Viewpoint on Drug Use: Dr. Carl Hart

Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University.
Credit Carl Hart

The term ‘harm reduction’ may seem self-explanatory, but for those who work in the field, the philosophies and strategies have an explicit meaning: to reduce the potential dangers and health risks associated with potentially harmful behaviors. And there are a lot of those from drug abuse to immigration to Native Hawaiian interventions. Columbia Professor Carl hart was the keynote speaker at last Friday’s Harm Reduction Conference.

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Learn to Perform Hollywood Stunts: Grant Miyashiro

Stunt fighting combined with pyrotechnic effects on the set of "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" show.
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Stunt performers are no longer at the sidelines of the movie industry; they’re at the center.   A quick scan of any of the shows at the multiplex will include people flying all over the place, in ways that were unimaginable a generation ago. It’s about making the impossible look easy, and that calls for a whole new generation of stunt specialists.  Such a one is Grant Miyashiro of the Ninja Monkeys, a Hawaii-based group of specialists in Stunt Training, Fight Scene Choreography, and Stunt Coordination.

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Fostering Innovation in Hawaii’s Schools: Darrel Galera

State officials, including Governor Ige, joined teachers over the weekend to brainstorm more effective practices in education.
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If you’re a parent, or someone keen on educational movements, you’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘school empowerment’ for quite a while. How it actually comes about in Hawaii schools could ramp up this legislative session. Governor Ige’s budget includes a request for 20 million in funds for a new innovation grants program and at a focus group this past weekend, teachers were full of ideas about how they’d use the money. The focus group was part of the 3rd Annual Hawai‘i School Empowerment Conference sponsored by the nonprofit Education Institute of Hawai‘i. Darrel Galera is the chairman of the Governor’s team to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act.

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Humble Beginnings for a Household Name, On Stage: Anthony Pignataro

"Small Town Lawyer" shows the humble beginnings of a well known American, but keeps his identity a secret until the end.
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History abounds with stories of men and women with unimpressive beginnings who went on to have a major impact on the world around them -- but few have had as dramatic, and unlikely, a rise to power as the subject of Anthony Pignataro’s play “Small Town Lawyer.” It’s coming to the Maui Fringe Festival, and it’s bound to surprise you with the little-known back-story of a man whose name you’re bound to know.

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