The Conversation: Monday, August 15th, 2016

Aug 15, 2016

Education for the Future; Stand-Up Bass; How Different Levels of Government Affect You; A New Independent Film Made in Hawaii

Makauwahi Cave
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Education to Work Pipeline To Secure Hawaii’s Future - Jim Dator

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We are routinely told that many jobs now held by people will one day be automated. There’s no debate over how technology has shaped modern life…. there is plenty of conversation about how technology will continue to shape the future. In Hawai‘i, that conversation will be at the heart of a panel discussion this week.  It will consider opportunities Hawai‘i failed to understand not that long ago, and more importantly, what innovation can move Hawai‘i into a reimagined future. One man whose name is often synonymous with future studies is former UH professor Jim Dator.

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Atherton Concert: Ernie Provencher

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The bass, in either its acoustic or electric incarnations, is an essential driver of the modern ensemble: present on every beat, anchoring the rhythm and the harmony all at once. Its capacity as a lead instrument, with its rich sonorities, is too often neglected, and Ernie Provencher and his band will remedy that oversight this Saturday in our Atherton studio. Ernie’s here in our studio with his double bass.

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Which level of government affects people's lives most? Morgen Johansen

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For longer than you probably want to imagine, you’ve likely heard the expression, “All politics is local.” How local is the question, especially this election cycle given the attention we pay to the daily nastiness of this year’s presidential race? So what do most of us really perceive as the government that affects our lives? We called Morgen Johansen; she’s the chair of the UH Manoa masters of public administration program.

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Popolo Movie: Edo Natasha


Hawaii is all too often portrayed in films as a kind of bland, idealized cultural and racial melting pot -- with the complexities of life here smoothed over. Edo Natasha, part of a new young filmmakers’ group here -- has taken a different approach, crafting a full-length feature film that goes beyond its genre trappings to take a hard look at life in the islands today. His film is “Popolo,” and he’s with us in our studio

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