Bridging The Gap~July 14th, 2020: One Year Ago: Mauna Kea

Jul 14, 2020

A Hawaiian flag flown upside down at night over the camp at Puʻuhuluhulu last year.
Credit Paige Okamura

A year ago to the day, I put my entire life on hold, packed my warm clothes and survival gear into a dry-bag duffle and hopped on an early morning flight to Kona. To quote Joseph Nāwahī, "O ke Aloha Aina, oia ka Ume Mageneti iloko o ka puuwai o ka Lahui." Just two days prior, I had a done a show with the intent of highlighting the honoring of mountains in Hawaiian music, and for various reasons ended up changing its tone. I don't have a lot of regrets, but changing that show's original intent is one of them.

Since I've been re-visiting some of my best shows during my tenure as a host of Bridging The Gap, I wanted to do this show justice and explore the music that came before and music that was born out of the current situation.

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