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Honolulu Mayor Vetos Price Caps on Uber, Lyft

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The long-simmering dispute between Honolulu’s taxi companies and ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft came to a head yesterday with Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s veto of Bill 35, a measure that would have regulated so-called “surge pricing” by rIde-sharing companies and made them subject to increased regulation.  

We asked Uber’s representative to speak on our program; the company sent us this written statement from Tabatha Chow, Uber senior operations manager for Hawaii:

"Mayor Caldwell’s veto protects consumer choice and earning opportunities on Oahu. We look forward to continuing to serve our community."  

To get the cab companies’ reaction, we spoke earlier this morning with Howard Higa, CEO of TheCab.

This story originally aired on  The Conversation.

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