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DLNR warns hikers that Hilo's 'Narnia' is off limits

narnia hilo restricted watershed

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources warns people to stay out of a collection of waterfalls known as 'Narnia'.

Most hikers who visit the falls along the Wailuku River State Park on Hawaiʻi Island are unaware the area is off limits without a permit or hunting license.

The area is considered part of the Hilo Forest Reserve and Hilo Restricted Watershed section.

Additionally, Hilo and Waikea's drinking water supply originates in the watershed.

"There’s a lot of issues up here," said DLNR officer Craig Dente. "The first one is safety, especially for a lot of the visitors — they don’t understand the power of the river and how hard it’s moving. [They] aren’t the best judge of the conditions because they have no frame of reference."

"This river, I like to say it’s hungry for souls. It eats people. People die here. These aren’t sick or weak people. These are young, fit, healthy people. You go in here the wrong day, you’re just gonna disappear," said Dente.

Trespassing into 'Narnia' is a misdemeanor. Those cited will be required to appear in court and may face a fine.

Zoe Dym is a news producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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