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UH conference will spotlight water resilience, challenges in Hawaiʻi

University of Hawaiʻi News

The University of Hawaiʻi will host a one-day conference next week focused on water-related challenges.

The Water Resilience Hawaiʻi conference aims to discuss and address challenges to Hawaiʻi’s water quality for future generations.

The conference will also spotlight how Native Hawaiian water management systems can help guide today’s restoration practices.

"There will be a series of speakers, kānaka primarily, and researchers and faculty who will be sharing this manaʻo, these perspectives and views, to help inform conversations later in the day," said Kamuela Enos, the director of UH’s Office of Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation.

"So I hope this will be the first of many spaces where faculty who will be speaking have a chance to continue to share and to help support contemporary work in innovation and in restoration," Enos said.

Keynote speakers include professors Kiana Frank and Edward Laws, and U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz.

The all-day conference will be held at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center next Friday, Oct. 28.

More information can be found online at

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