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How To Get Ready For Approaching Storms

Marco Garcia/AP

As Hurricane Erick and Tropical Storm Flossie make their way closer to the islands, emergency management officials want Hawaii residents to stay vigilant.

Luke Meyers, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s executive officer handling internal operations, says everyone needs to lean forward -- have a plan and prepare an emergency kit.

He says there are no guarantees that government help will be available after a disaster strikes.

Here are reminders of the plans to make and resources to tap in the event of an emergency:


  • Emergency kit: have a minimum of two weeks' supply of food, medicine, emergency equipment, cash, documents and other needs for your family and pets. The emergency management agency has a handy list of items to gather up in a kit.
  • Communications plan: write down phone numbers for family, medical providers, emergency agencies and an out-of-state contact. Text may work if calls don't. Have an extra cell phone charger and batteries. Sign up for emergency agency alerts and follow their tweets.
  • Meeting plan: agree on a place for family members to gather if any of you have to leave workplaces, schools or home.


Below are the contact information for the state and county emergency management agencies:

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