HPR-2 - Your home for classical music

Classical Pacific
Presents classical music from pre-Renaissance to the current day, curated from a Pacific perspective by Keali‘iloma (Louise King Lanzilotti). 
The Early Muse
There is a wonderful richness and variety in Western music before the year 1700. Host Ian Capps explores everything from Medieval chant and troubadour songs to the rich polyphony of Renaissance sacred and secular music, and into the Baroque 'revolution' of the 17th century with its invention of the opera, oratorio, ballet and orchestral music as we know it today.
Evening Concert
Evening Concert gives listeners a chance to unwind through the pau hana hours. You'll enjoy classic performances, previews of concerts from local arts organizations, along with weather updates, and StarDate reports from the McDonald Observatory in Austin on what's up in our night sky.
Howard's Day Off
Everyone who loves music eventually comes to classical music, but there is so much to explore, so little time. Howard Dicus samples all corners classical, summoning up tracks from his personal CD library. 
Morning Café/Morning Concert
HPR Music Director Gene Schiller's signature program begins each weekday morning with Morning Cafe, a refreshing blend of music, usually built around a special theme. The program also includes interesting features and often live interviews with visiting guest artists. After the 10am NPR news break, Morning Concert kicks in with longer classical works.
Singing and Other Sins
Why “Singing and other Sins”? There are several reasons for the name change. When we began Great Songs in 1988, song meant something that was sung. Now, it can mean almost anything: an opera track, speaking or a movement from a symphony. Something that can be downloaded. So that’s why the word “song” wasn’t relevant any longer (when we began programming again in 2011) for a program featuring art song, which is indeed singing.
Sunday Brunch
Enjoy three hours of your favorite music, as requested by the listeners of Hawaiʻi Public Radio.