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Back in the Ocean, Hokulea Departs For Panama

Oiwi TV/Justyn Ah Chong
Oiwi TV/Justyn Ah Chong

H?k?le‘a is preparing to depart Key West, Florida. The voyaging canoe will spend the next week and a half sailing across the Caribbean Sea to Panama. We caught up with crew member Brad Wong as part of our ongoing series H?k?le‘a: Voyage of Aloha.

"We’ve been traveling for a couple days from Miami. Canoe looks ready to go. The crew has had a good time together, everybody’s getting along really well.

One of our friends that’s been helping us along the way up and down the East Coast, he gave us some good Christmas things for us to have, some candy canes. Several of us got some Santa hats, we’ll wear them around for the day.

We’re just trying to get familiar with the rigging, get familiar with each other. We spent the past couple of days going along the Florida coast. It’s been fun, a lot of good weather. We'll be hanging out here in Key West until tomorrow when we take off for Panama.”

H?k?le‘a is wrapping up its sail around the world. The canoe plans to return to Hawai‘i next June.

Oiwi TV/Justyn Ah Chong
Credit Oiwi TV/Justyn Ah Chong

Follow the two voyaging canoes on Google Maps:

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