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Reports from HPR's Dave Lawrence

HPR's All Things Considered Special Guest: America's Gerry Beckley

Songwriter/musician Gerry Beckley from the band America is back with another solo album, Five Mile Road. Gerry plays a lot of the instruments on it, but took time with HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence to talk about some of the guests who joined him, and to share some fun stories of his five decades in the music industry. 


Hear the complete new interview:

See Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell of America in their 2017 Blaisdell Concert Hall interview:

See Gerry & Dewey with Dave in their 2011 Blaisdell Concert Hall interview:

Hear Gerry's 2017 appearance.

Hear Gerry's 2016 appearance for his solo album Carousel.

Hear Gerry and Dewey in 2007 interviews with Dave.

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Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road), and Stargazer.
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