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Dave Lawrence
Reports from HPR's Dave Lawrence

Legendary rock act War are back in Honolulu and on HPR's ATC


Musical group War began playing in the Aloha State decades ago. Their unique mix of rock, funk, R & B, soul and psychedelia propelled the band to international stardom, taking them far past the short-lived original era with Eric Burdon. At the Blue Note Hawaii through Sunday, original member and multi-instrumentalist Lonnie Jordan spoke with HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence about their history, the stories beyond some of their biggest hits, and superstar encounters, like having Jimi Hendrix sit in with them during his last night on Earth.

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Watch the complete interview:

Hear or download (right click to save as .mp3) the complete interview audio:

War Lonnie Jordan complete 2017 interview with HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence

Hear Lonnie Jordan speaking with Dave Lawrence in a 2006 phone interview and a 2006 interview inside the Diamond Head Crater.   

See a live War video performance:

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