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Remodeling Bank of Hawai?i's Headquarters for the Future


You can’t tell from the sidewalk looking up but Bank of Hawai?i is extensively remodeling its signature downtown headquarters, at the same time it’s upgrading its branches.

Bank of Hawai?i is investing $100 million dollars in new or renovated office space for its employees and new branch experiences for customers. At the headquarters tower on Bishop Street, the renovation is extensive as it’s the first in 50 years. All 21 floors are being gutted and replaced with modern, open, more collaborative workspaces.

The idea of collaboration extended all the way to the penthouse floor. Here, where the top bank executives used to have their offices, the floor is being given over to 13 conference rooms to be used by bank employees, bank customers and even non-profit organizations.

CEO Peter Ho says the goal is to make the top floor a focal point of the downtown business community and a place where the community at large and the bank can interact. Ultimately, the bank, founded in 1897, is positioning its headquarters and its branches for a different, more fast-moving future for the industry and for its 2,200 employees.

The headquarter renovations began in 2015 and will wrap up in the fall of next year.

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