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Kamuela Philharmonic Plans 'Triumphant Return' This Weekend

Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra 01262020.jpg
Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra
Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra on Jan. 26, 2020 - Maestro Brian Dollinger in the front

The Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra, also known as the Kamuela Phil, plans a "Triumphant Return" to music-making this Sunday.

With special arrangements for COVID safety, their concert will feature two winners from last year's youth Concerto Competition. In fact, Conductor Brian Dollinger says young musicians are welcome to apply now, to play with the orchestra next year.

"Many arts organizations in the world have had to pivot towards electronics and technology. So where we've normally had students fly to the Big Island to audition, which could be a hindrance for some young students, they can do it virtually."

"If they go on our website, and click on the concerto competition links, they'll see all the information about how to apply, and then eventually the winners will come and be on island with us — and January will be that concert."

"October 3, we're live streaming on We've got Aimee Okagawa, she is 15, she's playing the Grieg piano concerto. Crystal Ferreira, she's now 11, she's playing the Mendelssohn first piano concerto, first movement. It is amazing, I have to tell you, the young talent here on the islands — it's out there!"

"Talking to the audience members, and hearing their stories about how a certain piece touched them, brought them to tears, or made them think of a memory or a loved one that had passed, or the joy of their children. Music can touch you in so many ways."

Those winning young soloists will be featured in the Kamuela Philharmonic's season opener on Sunday at 2 p.m. Find out more at

Noe Tanigawa covers art, culture and ideas for Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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