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You Answered: What Mothers Want


Yesterday we asked you moms to tell us what you really wanted for Mother's Day beyond, you know, the usual flowers, brunch, maybe tickets to the Backstreet Boys. Well, you have tweeted. @Cehblanton says, I've already got tickets to the Backstreet Boys. Well, you go, Mom.

It was interesting how many moms told us they wanted the same things - for someone else to handle the logistics - cooking, chores - for a change. Many combined small wishes with bigger aspirations, such as @lucyleomomma, who said for people to treat each other decently, and for my family to clean my car.

Several messages reminded us that Mother's Day can be tough for a lot of people. Elizabeth Anderlu (ph) said, I just wish my loved ones would speak of my late daughter, who passed away in 2012 of cancer, aged 18. To Elizabeth and others who contacted us, we hope your wishes come true. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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