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HPR announces new, free streaming app for iPhone

The new HPR iPhone App
Hawaii Public Radio

Easy to Download from App Store, Easy to Use

The nicest thing about the new free HPR streaming app for iPhone is its ease of use, providing access to HPR’s two live streams anywhere you have an iPhone and an internet connection. The HPR app for iPhone is as simple as using your radio. Once the app is downloaded from the app store, simply click on the radio logo for the stream you wish to listen to. Within seconds the stream loads and begins playing the live stream of the station you chose. It’s that simple.

“We are delighted to offer our listeners everywhere this incredibly easy app for their iPhones and iPads,” said HPR President Michael Titterton. “It’s free, it does exactly what it should, namely provide HPR streaming with absolutely no fuss, and, very important, it does nothing else whatsoever.”

HPR’s Multimedia Production Director Jason Taglianetti oversaw the development of the new app, It was envisioned by Hawaii Public Radio and developed by Big D TV with Denise Van Ryzin, Project Manager; Henrik Van Ryzin, art, UI design, UX design; and Michal Mandrysz, Code Whiz.

The HPR app is now available free in the App store.Get yours today!

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