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Remembering the Reality of Plantation Life

Feb 7, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

The stories of everyday people aren’t often recorded. University of Hawaii-West Oahu’s Center for Labor Education and Research (CLEAR) is collating a priceless archive of Hawaii’s history: unedited first-person reminiscences of plantation life. 

UH Center for Labor Education and Research

It’s Labor Day. For some this means a long three-day weekend. But across the United States, it’s a celebration of worker rights and the labor movement. HPR’s Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi takes a look at a pivotal moment in Hawai’i’s labor history and how it shapes our lives today.

Flickr / Forest Starr and Kim Starr
Flickr / Forest Starr and Kim Starr


It's been a little more than five months since the last haul of a commercial sugar crop on Maui. The precise plans are still evolving for alternative crops on the land that was once used to plant sugar cane. But that's not the only question relating to big sugar-there's also a matter of hardware. We get more on the story from Colleen Uechi of the Maui News.

Life After Cane: The House That Sugar Built

Oct 5, 2016
Molly Solomon
Molly Solomon

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company is closing operations by the end of the year. The legacy of sugar has touched many lives in Hawai‘i. Before the final harvest is in, we’re hearing from a variety of voices. HPR’s Molly Solomon recently spent some time in Maui and has one of those stories.