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The Conversation: COVID-19 Fears Loom Ahead Of 2020 Olympics


Japan Olympics and Global Economy; Electric Vehicle Bills; Hawaii Keeps Fluoride Out Of Drinking Water; Taxes - And Who's Paying Them; Sex Trafficking And Homelessness

Japan Olympics and Global Economy

Every day the headlines seem to shift on the novel coronavirus--Covid 19. Here in Hawaii, we still don’t even have test kits to be able to screen for it.  State health officials say we may get them in the middle of March. On a broader scale, the coronavirus rattled financial markets at the start of this week. Today markets are trading higher--but the environment remains volatile. One area that's been hit particularly hard is Japan. We talked with Ray Tsuchiyama, who spent twenty years working in Japan.


Ray Tsuchiyama



Electric Vehicle Bills

A Number of bills concerning electric vehicles are being debated over during this year's legislature. We check with HPR Reporter Ryan Finnerty for more.


HPR Reporter Ryan Finnerty

Hawaii Keeps Fluoride Out Of Drinking Water

What’s in your water? If you live in Hawaii, not fluoride. And that’s different than nearly seventy-percent of the country. It’s also a long running story - and the topic for today’s reality check. Honolulu Civil Beat reporter Eleni Gil joins us.

Read the full story here.


Civil Beat Reporter Eleni Gil

Taxes - And Who's Paying Them

If you’ve been watching the Democratic presidential debates, you’ve heard a lot about taxes. What taxes could be raised or adjusted to pay for health care plans, education, and other initiatives. But there’s a much more basic question about taxes: who’s paying them--and who’s avoiding them? Our contributing editor Neal Milner takes on that topic in today’s edition of the Long View.


HPR Contributing Editor Neal Milner

Sex Trafficking and Homelessness
Sex trafficking and homelessness. They’re two of the toughest issues facing Hawaii’s at-risk youth, and a new study reveals that they are far more connected than many have thought. The Conversation’s Harrison Patino spoke with several people involved in this issue, and brought us this report.


Jessica Munoz Tammy Bitanga of Ho'ola Na Pua, Carla Houser of RYSE


Bill Dorman has been the news director of Hawai‘i Public Radio since February 2011. Born in New York City, he spent 21 years at CNN in various positions behind the scenes and on the air in Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, and Tokyo, Japan. He was also managing editor of Asia Pacific Broadcast for Bloomberg News for five years before moving to Hawai‘i in 2009. He’s covered stories from more than twenty countries and territories.
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