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The Conversation: Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Brandee Menino

Temporary Housing for Displaced Big Island Residents; Rising Tensions over Noise Pollution; Uncertain Future of Internet in Hawaii; Ohina Short Film Festival

Temporary Housing for Displaced Big Islanders

Credit Brandee Menino

It’s an effort relief workers describe as “overwhelming” - the displacement of hundreds of families in the wake of the Kilauea disaster -- adding a new population to the already growing numbers of homeless on Hawaii Island. Brandee Menino is Chief Executive Officer for Hope Services Hawaii, an affiliate non-profit organization of the Roman Catholic Church in the State of Hawaii, is at the center of the relief effort, and she described it for us in a phone call earlier this morning.

Brandee Menino

Big Island Noise Pollution

Credit Wikimedia

Kilauea’s spectacle has kept Hawaii island helicopter tour companies busy even as it has re-ignited protests from area residents in the Hawaii Island Coalition Malama Pono, an organization that has been seeking relief from what its members describe as incessant helicopter noise. Daryl Soares is a founding member, and he’s on the phone with us now.

Daryl Soares

Civil Beat Reality Check

Credit Wikimedia

How important is race in Hawai’i elections? In a state that prides itself on a diverse population, whose people pride themselves on racial tolerance; does a haole candidate have an advantage? When a respected commentator cited candidate Ed Case’s race as an advantage for him in the 2nd District Congressional race, he brought up an issue that is rarely addressed. In today’s Reality Check from Civil Beat, reporter Denby Fawcett asks: just how important is race in local electoral politics?

Denby Fawcett

Future of High-Speed Internet in Hawaii

Credit Pixabay

Do you know where your internet comes from? Yesterday on The Conversation we heard about how next generation 5G wireless networks will eventually come to communities in Hawaii. But those local high-speed networks aren’t worth much without a high-speed connection to the global internet. And that comes from a vast network of undersea cables crisscrossing the globe. Today we continue the conversation between our producer Ryan Finnerty and Burt Lum, Chief Strategy Officer for the Hawaii Broadband Initiative. As he tells it, Hawaii needs to be proactive to avoid being bypassed by future high-speed internet cables.


‘Ohina Short Film Festival

Credit Gerard Elmore

Gone are the days when your local movie theater screened a “short” before the feature, and that’s a shame -- but the art of the short film has not faded away. You just have to go to festivals to see them. For many filmmakers, it’s an all-important proving ground for long-form cinema, and it’s thriving in Hawaii, as" target="_blank">Gerard Elmore, Executive Director of the `Ohina Short film festival told us when we spoke the other day.

Gerard Elmore

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