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The Conversation: Monday, November 27th, 2017

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Big Island Coffee Bean Theft; Increase in Waikiki Violence; Public Sector UnionsMy Mother Said, Watch Out for Those French Girls

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Big Island Coffee Bean Theft

A mother and daughter duo who run a coffee farm in South Kona has fallen victim to of a string of recent thefts. Hundreds of pounds of raw coffee, worth thousands of dollars, has been taken straight from their trees under cover of darkness

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Adria McClish

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Increase in Waikiki Violence

Waikiki has security challenges with a dense population, crowded streets, and a hospitality industry dependent on keeping those streets secure. A recent spate of violent incidents in Waikiki has focused attention on security issues there

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Robert Finley

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Hawaii’s Senior Senator, Brian Schatz, finds himself in an awkward position -- one that has become a great deal more awkward in recent weeks.   He’s a member of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics, a position that will soon force him to sit in judgment on his fellow Senator, and fellow Democrat,  Al Franken, among others.

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Chad Blair

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Public Sector Unions

In Hawaii, when you go to work for the City or County, you sign up as a union member automatically, and pay dues accordingly. Why aren’t workers given a choice?

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Robert Alt

My Mother Said, Watch Out for Those French Girls

Local author Dan DeCarlo is in his late eighties, and he’s old enough to remember when a few pennies, earned shining shoes on the street, could set you up for the whole day.  He never lost his sense of the value of a dollar, and the work it took to earn it, over the course of a life that has taken him around the world.

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Dan DeCarlo

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