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The Conversation: Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Nathan Fitch/Island Soldier

Aquarium Fish Permits; North Kona Water; Micronesian Veterans of U.S. Military

Credit Pixabay

Circuit Court Nullifies Permits to Harvest Aquarium Fish

Harvesting of wild aquarium fish in Hawaii has been halted court order. The halt is temporary, but it means all existing permits are null and void, pending an environmental review.

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Summer Kupao-Odo

Credit Pixabay

More Well Failures in North Kona

Residents and farmers in Hawaii Island’s North Kona region have been under water usage restrictions for months, and pumping equipment for the groundwater wells has continued to fail.

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Sherry Bracken

Credit Flickr

Civil Beat Reality Check

A bipartisan effort is underway in Congress to allow for Medicaid money to be used for treatment at large drug-treatment facilities that are not currently covered.

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Jim Simon

Credit Wikimedia Commons
President Franklin Roosevelt signing the U.S Declaration War against Germany in 1941, the last time the U.S. Congress officially declared war.

Constitutional Authority for Military Force

A group of Democratic Senators has introduced a bill prohibiting President Trump from starting a preemptive war against North Korea; a measure that could be seen as a return to a time when the Constitution’s checks and balances were still enforced.

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Andrea Freeman

Credit Island Soldier/Nathan Fitch

Micronesian Veterans of the U.S. Military

Nathan Fitch, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Kosrae, explores Micronesians fighting in American wars in his documentary film Island Soldier.   

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Nathan Fitch

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