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The Conversation: Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Daniel Ramirez / Flickr

Micro Unit Affordable Rental Project; Salvinia Invasion on Kauai; Pilot André Borschberg; Antonio Carlos Jobim Tribute Concert

Credit Daniel Lobo / Flickr

Micro Unit Affordable Rental Project

Hawaii has a problem with affordable housing. The lack of places to live within most residents’ price range has become a major challenge for communities across the islands. But the New York City development firm Bronx Pro Group LLC has successfully been constructing affordable rental units in New York’s sky-high real estate market and still turning a profit. They’re called micro-units and the firm is bringing them to the booming Honolulu neighborhood of Kaka’ako.

Intro Music: Englishman In New York (Spotify Sessions Version) by Sting

Outro Music: Rainy Streets by Blue In Green

Samantha Magistro

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Salvinia Invasion on Kauai

It spreads easily, grows rapidly, and does a world of damage; Salvinia Molesta is an invasive aquatic plant that quickly forms a thick mat in fresh water that blocks out sunlight…  There’s a serious infestation on Kauai.

Intro Music: Forest Spirit by Moniker

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Katie Nalesere

Credit D.Eickhoff / Flickr

Hala Scale Comes to Maui

The fight against invasive species takes place along several fronts; on Maui, a tiny insect called the hala scale is threatening the hala tree, an indigenous plant with deep roots in Hawaiian culture.

Outro Music Fishing Blues - Instrumental by Atmosphere

Ku'uwehi Hiraishi

Credit Courtesy of the filmmaker

Solar Powered Flight

Pilot André Borschberg, alone in his aircraft, flew for five days and nights over the Pacific, the longest leg of his team’s around-the-world journey. He and his flying partner, Andre Piccard, took turns piloting their one-of-a-kind aircraft, the Solar Impulse, on a 26-thousand miles circumnavigation of the globe powered entirely by the sun. The story of the Solar Impulse is told in a documentary being given its premiere this weekend at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Intro Music: The Winner Is by Mychael Danna and DeVotchKa

Outro Music: Wilson Gets Religion by Jon Brion

André Borschberg

Credit Courtesy of the artist

Antonio Carlos Jobim Tribute Concert

The Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim was the best-known and most prolific of a generation of songwriters who revolutionized popular music in the 60’s with infectious melodies, a subtle but powerful rhythmic identity, and a seductive mood that quickly spread to cocktail lounges around the world. It’s a style and a mood that Sandy Tsukiyama knows well. 

Intro Music: The Last Ones Standing by Tep No

Outro Music: Garota de Ipanema by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Sandy Tsukiyama and Dave Yamasaki

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