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The Conversation: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017


Banking for Dispensaries; Technical Challenges of Urban Rail; Women in Business

Hawaii DCCA Develops Banking Solution for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Iris Ikeda

Credit Pixabay

The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs has developed a way to provide basic banking services to Hawaii’s cannabis dispensaries, previously a major challenge.

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Technical Challenges of Building Elevated Rail in Urban Honolulu  

Scott Wilson

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The current elevated steel guideway design for Honolulu’s rail project will require support pillars going to a depth of 200 feet or more as the system moves into the urban core.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Suevon Lee

Credit Suevon Lee

A few lucky Hawaii families will now be able to send their children to public pre-school under a new program.       

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A Woman’s Place Is…

Trisha Anderson

Credit Business Forward / Flickr
Women from the business world attend a summit at the White House.

A woman’s place is no longer what our grandparents thought it should be, and that particular social upheaval isbeing celebrated on Maui.

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Looking East From the Far West

Theresa Papanikolas

Credit Fons Heijnsbroek / Flickr
'Large Seascape & Diagonal', acrylic large painting on canvas by Fons Heijnsbroek.

The often overlooked Asian influence of Mid-Twentieth Century Abstract Expressionist artists is the subject of an exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

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