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The Conversation: Thursday, October 27th, 2016


Planned Parenthood Turns 100; HAPA Schedules Series of Intimate Shows; An Alternative to Dealing with Feral Cats

100 Years of Planned Parenthood: Chris Charbonneau

Chris Charbonneau

Credit Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood provides reproductive healthcare services to men and women

For 100 years this month, Planned Parenthood has brought health care and information to women in communities across the nation. 40 years ago, the organization grew to include a global division. As Planned Parenthood has changed, the issues it has had to confront, along with opposition to its cause have brought challenges. One that no one expected was a response to the Zika virus. an eight week canvassing of almost 40 thousand Miami homes started this week...as for how the western region - which includes Hawaii- is beginning the second century, CEO Chris Charbonneau is back in Hawaii and in our studio this morning to look at the five-year agenda.    

Intro Music: What’s The Frequency Kenneth? By R.E.M.
Outro Music: Nocturne by Keeno

HAPA to Play Series of Intimate Shows: Barry Flanagan

Barry Flanagan

Credit Facebook - HAPA
Barry Flanagan of HAPA

Barry Flanagan, founding member of HAPA, one of the most successful of all Hawaiian music ensembles, brings a sense of mission to his music: as an ambassador of the music he loves and has made his own, and as a seeker of new audiences and new ways to reach them.  HAPA is playing a small club date this weekend; the band has inaugurated a series of “house party” dates, and Barry’s with us in our studio.

Intro Music: Always With Me, Always With You by Barry Flanagan
Outro Music: Penny For Your Thoughts by Barry Flanagan

Civil Beat Reality Check: Election Spending

Chad Blair

Credit Flickr - Tracy O Money!

Three Hawaii campaigns aren’t causing worry for their candidates. Even so, U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and former Rep. Colleen Hanabusa have continue to raise and spend funds according to the most recent campaign spending report.  Why is today’s reality check - with Civil Beat reporter, Chad Blair.

Intro Music: Smoke by Brian Fallon
Outro Music: Cats by Sinai Vessel

Feral Cat Solutions from Lana’i Cat Sanctuary: Keoni Vaughn

Keoni Vaughn

Credit Facebook - Lanai Cat Sanctuary
The Lana'i Cat Sanctuary provides a safe place for feral cats to live without impacting the community

What to do about Hawaii’s feral cats? It was the subject of a poll we talked about on Monday - and the results weren’t pretty. The Reality Check with Civil Beat focused on their survey showing almost 70 percent of Oahu voters polled wanted the cats removed...a choice which clearly encompassed the idea of euthanizing the cats…. There are some 300 thousand on Oahu according to estimates. But on Lana’i, a cat sanctuary has a different approach and while, there are far fewer cats to deal with, Keoni Vaugh hopes some of the same strategies might be used wherever feral cats have taken up residence.

Outro Music: Can't Let Go, Juno by Kishi Bashi]

Seabury Hall Production of Sister Act: David Ward

David Ward

Credit Seabury Hall Performing Arts
Sister Act will be playing at Seabury Hall

It’s a comedy setup that’s hard to beat: a witness to a homicide dons a habit and hides out in a nunnery. That’s the premise of the movie and musical Sister Act.    It’s coming to Maui’s Seabury Hall in an ambitious production, with a choir, dancers, and live musical accompaniment.  There are 27 in the cast all told, and it’s Director and choreographer David Ward’s job to make sense of it all.

Intro Music: Guava Jam by The Sunday Manoa
Outro Music: Toothpaste Kisses by The Macabees

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