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Big Eye Tuna Lawsuit; Interfaith Thanksgiving; Cesspool Conversion; "We Need A Little Christmas..."

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Monday, November 24th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Big Eye Tuna Overfishing Lawsuit: David Henkin

David Henkin

Many people believe that when it comes to playing by international rules, the US sets the benchmark. A lawsuit filed late last week on behalf of three conservation groups suggests that may not be true. At issue is the National Marine Fishing Service "quota shifting rule" made on October 28. It would allow the US Pacific Territories of American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern  Marianas to increase catch limits on Big Eye Tuna by 2000 metric tons each and allow Hawaii based longline fishing vessels to catch half the total, an additional 3000 metric tons over current limits. That would effectively undermine a 2007 international convention signed by the US - and a 2007 US act to support the convention. David Henkin is a staff attorney for the Honolulu based office of Earthjustice and is the attorney representing the Conservation Council for Hawaii, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Turtle Island Restoration Network.

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Interfaith Thanksgiving Service: Ken Aronowitz

Ken Aronowitz

Thanksgiving is, of course, a non-sectarian holiday, but it celebrates values that are shared by faith communities throughout the world. Each year in Hawaii, members of different religious groups come together to revive the original spirit of the holiday.   Ken Aronowitz is one of the organizers of tomorrow’s Nu'uanu Interfaith Thanksgiving Service and he joined us to talk about what it’s like putting together an interfaith service.

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Cesspools Conversion and Low-interest Loan Program: Joan Conrow

Joan Conrow

This may not jump to the top of the list of things many of us remember to be thankful for, but indoor plumbing, un-sexy as it is… well, it's pretty good. In Hawaii it may also be coming with an additional price-tag. Journalist Joan Conrow joined the show to continue the conversation about how some Kauai homeowners thought they might be getting some help from the Kauai County Council to convert their cesspools to newer, more efficient sewage systems.

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“We Need a Little Christmas…": Gary Shin-Leavitt

Gary Shin-Leavitt

It takes a special kind of musical skill to be able to corral dozens of singers and train them to sing in precise choral harmony – but the result can be amazing. There’s nothing quite like the power of massed voices.  It’s a challenge that Gary Shin-Leavitt, Artistic Director of the  Maui Choral Arts Association, has taken on many times and for this holiday season, he has brought together more than 75 singers for a program called “We Need A Little Christmas…"   The show is next weekend and Gary joined the show this morning to talk about it.

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