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Kwanzaa; Willow Chang; "Eddie Would Go"

It’s Monday, December 30 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Kwanzaa: Deloris Guttman

Deloris Guttman

Deloris Guttman is the founder of the African American Diversity Cultural Center Hawaii.

Intro Music: Happy New Year by Camera Obscura

Outro Music: Kwanzaa by Headhunters

Dancer/Entertainer: Willow Chang

Willow Chang

Willow Chang is an all around entertainer, using the medium of dance, song, design and more into her unique style. She travels annually to bring new and  traditional styles, technique and theory home to the islands where she performs and teaches throughout the year.

Intro Music: My Little Grass Shack by Leon Redbone

Outro Music: La Nostalgie Camarade by Serge Gainsbourg

"Eddie Would Go" book/documentary: Stuart Coleman

Stuart Coleman

Stuart Coleman is the author of the book “Eddie would go” and was instrumental in assisting with the ESPN documentary about famed waterman Eddie Aikau. He is working on a feature film about the surfing legend to take place right here at home.

Intro Music: Stargazer Theme

Outro Music: Eddie Would Go! By Threesome

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