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The Conversation for April 30, 2013

It’s Tuesday, April 30 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Moving beyond the lesson from Solomon

Sharon Y. Moriwaki is the associate director of the Social Sciences Public Policy Center at UH Manoa. She’s also the facilitator of the legal interventions in the family court working group. The Working Group represents over 20 public and non-profit organizations and individuals helping the court to advance the interests of families and kids needing child custody evaluations. The Working Group says HB 1137 does that - we'll see what the legislature does with it at today's floor vote.

Clueless and free: students sending more than pheromones

Chris Sanders is one of the presenters of “Sex Signals” which will be performed twice today for U-H students.  

Coral AIDS on Kauai

Terry Lilley is a biologist, diver and videographer. He’s  documented the spread of Montipora white syndrome since he found it in Kauai coral a year ago. Researchers from the UH, the US Geological Survey and  NOAA are working to find ways to curtail the growth of the disease.

Magic words for musicians

Susan Yim is the editor of “We Go Jam” a new anthology of essays, memoirs, poetry, lyrics, fiction, and oral history about Hawaii’s music.

Plus the world view from Deutsche Welle, belonging in the backyard, and second term Neil's reality check. First, the news from NPR.

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