UH Oral History Project Shares Voices and Stories of Hawaii's Past

Oct 22, 2018


Tsunami inundating Hilo, April 1946
Credit NOAA

The Conversation is taking a closer look, and a listen, to some of Hawaii’s oral history. Thanks to the work of the University of Hawaii’s Oral History Center, we can hear directly from those who experienced certain events in our past.

Today, the focus is on the tsunami that struck Hilo on April 1st, 1946.  We’re going to hear voices from those who experienced it in Hilo, and those who helped in recovery efforts. We’ll also talk about oral history with Davianna McGregor, the director of the University of Hawaii’s Oral History Center.

And we’ll talk about natural disasters—recovery—and preparations-- from tsunami to volcanoes with Ken Rubin with the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

HPR News Director Bill Dorman is on hand to introduce us to the people who are sharing their stories today.

Intro Music: Sweet As Apple Cider by Billy Cotton