Navigating College Admissions In Hawai`i

Mar 28, 2019


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The drama of Operation Varsity Blue continues to play out across the country. Key conspirators have pled guilty including a former Yale soccer coach just today.

The second wave of defendants is set to appear in court tomorrow to answer to charges in the massive college fraud and bribery scheme. Just this past Monday a dozen coaches pled not guilty to federal indictments for their part in allowing “fake athletes” into prestigious programs denying space for more qualified students. And, next week the third wave including Hollywood celebrity parents will appear in court.

We invited college counselors, and representatives from the admissions and athletics department to join us at the table to talk about this issue as it comes at a time when families here in Hawaii are waiting for those college acceptances and rejection letters.

Joining us in the studio today are:

  • Todd Fleming is  President of the Hawai‘i Association for College Admission Counseling and Director of the program at 'Iolani School

  • Amanda Paterson, Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance/Eligibility, UH Mānoa

  • Ryan Yamaguchi, Associate Director of Admissions at UH Mānoa

  • Eleyne Fia, a college counselor from Campbell High School and past president of the Hawai`i Association of College Admission 


To read the Harvard Graduate School of Education report, Turning the Tide II, click here.