General Election Day Precinct Voters

Nov 6, 2018

Waikiki Polling Station
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

Precinct voting in Hawai’i is scheduled to end at 6 this evening or until the last eligible person in line casts his or her ballot.  HPR visited a few polling sites in East Honolulu this morning to see how the races for Governor and the Honolulu City Council District 4 race between Trevor Ozawa and Tommy Waters were shaping up.


Micarah Drake and Jersey Rivera in Hawai'i Kai
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

“I’m Jersey Rivera.  I live in Hawai’i Kai.  (So, who’d you vote for governor?)  I voted Ige.  Yes.  I support kind of his ideas and I like what he’s trying to do, so we’ll see how that goes.  (What about District 4 Honolulu City Council?)  I voted for Tommy Waters, there.  And Ozawa is an incumbent guy.  So, I always think that politics should always change and the people you get in there should be fresh with new ideas.  Just part of society that you have to go that way.” 

“I’m Micarah Drake.  This my first time voting.  (Who’d you vote for governor?)  I voted for Ige.  (And, Honolulu City Council?)  I voted for Ozawa because he’s been in for a long time so I just wanted to go with someone who is kinda more familiar with what’s going on.”


Susan Spangler in Kahala
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

“Susan Spangler (And where do you live?)  In Kahala.  (Who did you vote for for governor?)  I voted for the Democrat.  Ige.  I don’t want the Republicans in there.  District 4, I wanna give Tommy Waters a chance to show us what he can do.  We haven’t seen much from Ozawa.”


Evan Castro in Waikiki
Credit Wayne Yoshioka








“Evan Castro.  Waikiki.  Between Ozawa and Waters, I voted for Waters.  Some change.  (What about governor?)  I really can’t stand the other lieutenant governor and Doctor Green seems pretty good.”



Bonnie Gay in Waikiki
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

“Bonnie Gay. (Who did you vote for for governor?)  Ige.  Because I like the job that he’s doing and stability is important in these days.  I think the homeless is a problem but we’re getting a handle on it by trying innovative things.  I voted for Tommy Waters for District 4.”


Stay tuned to HPR-1 for Hawai’i general election results following the first ballot printout later this evening and continued NPR coverage and commentary for mainland races until 10 P-M.