The Conversaton: New Fees For Storm Water

Jan 28, 2020

 Managing Storm water; Keauhou Shelter; Bizarre Space Objects; Canada Consul General

Credit Board of Water Supply

Honolulu is rolling out a series of community meetings next week to begin future planning on the subject of protecting our oceans and managing our storm water runoff. We've seen the damage resulting from flash floods in recent years, bringing the challenge of drain capacity to the forefront as an issues the city faces. Department of Facility Management Director Ross Sasamura sat down with us yesterday afternoon to talk about a proposed idea to create a utility to help improve our storm water system and plan for the future.


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The Waikiki Health Center has opened its doors to a new homeless facility in Moiliili in a three-story walk-up formerly used for transitional housing. We sat down with Executive Director Phyllis Dendle and Program Director Jason Espero, who tell us the facility will help offset the planned closure of the Next Step emergency homeless shelter in Kaka'ako.

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Strange things in space shouldn’t come as a surprise, but a recent look into a black hole has even seasoned astronomers puzzled. The science journal “Nature,” recently published a study about bizarre objects identified by UCLA Galactic Center scientists  using the Keck Observatory atop Mauna Kea. We talked to Keck’s Science Operations Lead Randy Campbell about the team’s recent discovery of these so-called "G-objects."

Canada ranks just behind Japan as the second largest demographic of tourists in Hawaii. Our northern neighbors accounted for over a billion dollars of spending in 2018, and have begun exploring a more lasting economic connection between Canada and Hawaii. Rana Sarkar is the Canadian Consul General for Hawaii and Northern California. He talked with The Conversation’s Harrison Patino about Canada’s effort to break into the Hawaiian economy and what the country can learn from the aloha spirit.