The Conversation: Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Mar 7, 2018

Auditing State Government; Rethinking South Point Management Practices; Politics of the Korean Conflict

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State Auditor Releases Reviews of OHA, HTA

The State Auditor’s most recent report flags a failing documents system and short-staffing at the Public Utilities Commission. Another flagged a communications breakdown in the Department of Health as well as problems with the state energy office. But it’s the findings of two agencies-- the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Hawaii Tourism Authority that Les Kondo is particularly concerned about.

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Visitors and residents drive a constant stream of vehicle traffic along a series unimproved roads out to Papakolea, the Green Sand Beach, at South Point.
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DHHL Considers Stricter Rules at South Point

For years the Department of Hawaiian Homelands has struggled with what to do with Ka Lae and the situation isn’t getting better. It is considering an entrance fee and building a road to get access to a remote area at South Point on the Big Island that is becoming more popular with visitors and residents.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Goat hunting by helicopter. It’s something the state land and natural resources started to do to manage the feral goat problem in our watersheds out in the Waianae mountains. But some leeward coast hunters aren’t happy about it.

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Politics of the Korean Conflict

Is the Trump administration gearing up for war? That is the question on the mind of Jairus Grove. He is the Director of the Hawai'i Research Center for Future Studies and is taking part in a public forum on Saturday called “The State of the North Korea Crisis for Hawai’i.”

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Fun Home from Manoa Valley Theatre

A stage musical doesn’t have to be a “musical comedy.”  The genre was created as feel-good entertainment, but it has been evolving for generations now.   Manoa Valley Theater is bringing “Fun Home,” a decidedly modern musical, with difficult subject matter, to the stage.

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