The Conversation: Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Apr 11, 2018

Hawaiian Language Project; The Long View; Barbershop 

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Hawaiian Language Project

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Finland's Lionbridge Global Services for Machine Intelligence is looking for fluent Hawaiian speakers to take part in a research project working to preserve and integrate indigenous languages into speech recognition systems.  Elenn Stirbu, Lionbridge Research and Global Sourcing Manager, tells us about the company's mission.

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The Long View

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It’s been a tough couple of years for political prognosticators… the 2016 election sent the overwhelming majority of them back to their data to take another hard look, because they thought for sure Hillary would win. Contributing Editor Neal Milner takes the Long View--asking to what degree predictions of an upcoming sea change in American politics will come true.


Civil Beat Reality Check

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Honolulu Civil Beat Reporting Fellow, Courtney Teague, discusses Second Crossover at the state legislature when bills cross back over to their originating house... To read the full story, visit

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Barbershop - The Sounds of Aloha Chorus

Credit The Sounds of Aloha Chorus

Barbershop choral groups originated in England, but the first official group has its roots in Tulsa Oklahoma. Catherine Cruz recently visited with The Sounds of Aloha Chorus. The group was rehearsing for an upcoming choral festival on April 28th at Kawaiahao Church.  

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