The Conversation: Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Dec 19, 2017

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Credit Pixabay

Our panel explores issues of due process and legality of how businesses handle sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.


Elizabeth Fujiwara, an attorney at Fujiwara & Rosenbaum, who specializes in Civil Rights, Employment Discrimination, and Whistleblower Protection. She has more than two decades of trial experience handling employment law, discrimination, civil rights, and labor law cases.


Ken Lawson, Co-Director of the Hawaii Innocence Project and an Associate Faculty Specialist at the William S. Richardson School of Law in Honolulu. He has served as Lead Defense Counsel in more than 100 criminal trials and now teaches classes on Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Professional Responsibility, and Evidence.


Meda Chesney Lind is a Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Social Sciences and Chair of the College’s Department of Women’s Studies.  She specializes in Criminology with a focus on crimes involving women and girls.