The Conversation: Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Jul 19, 2018

Sand Mining, Big Island Agriculture, Reality Check, Maile Documentary, Eli Trio

Credit Sumaira Abdulali

Sand Mining on Maui

Credit Iwi Protectors

A six-month moratorium on sand mining on Maui expires today. Lance Collin is an attorney who represents the community group Malama Kakanilua, which seeks to stop sand mining and development on Hawaiian burial grounds.

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Big Island Agriculture Pt. 2

Credit Adaptations Inc.

Maureen Datta of Adaptations, Inc. offers her insight on the impact of volcanic eruptions on Big Island farmers.  Adaptations Fresh Feast is a CSA that supplies subscribers with fresh, local produce.

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Reality Check

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Suevon Lee has a story today about the demise of a charter school on the Big Island and its effect on the Kau district, which has limited educational choices.

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Maile Documentary

Credit David Eickoff

Natalie Froussard produced a documentary focusing on the Maile’s cultural significance to Hawaii.

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Ian O’Sullivan et al. Eli Trio Atherton

Credit Eli 3.0


Violinists Nancy Shoop-Wu and Duane Padilla and classical guitarist Ian O’Sullivan, have taken followed varied musical paths since their years studying music at Yale -- but they have their years of study in common.  Their upcoming Atherton concert will offer a showcase of those varied musical disciplines, performing as Eli 3.0 in salute to their alma mater.  

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